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Fairdale Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

As you look at your aged and worn-out kitchen cabinets, you might want to turn down the idea of getting them replaced or renovated because of all the time, effort, and money you’ll need to spend. But it shouldn’t have to be that way. With all the many choices for refinishing styles and renovation designs available today, you can revitalize your old cabinets with Louisville Cabinet Restoration ’s affordable state-of-the-art refinishing process instead of the long and expensive process of replacing all your cabinet units.

Custom refinished kitchen cabinets

There are many reasons why people get reconstruction services for their kitchens, including the aging of amenities, accidental damage, or the desire to have a new aesthetic around the house. At Louisville Cabinet Restoration , we are ready to provide all the kitchen construction services you will need for any goal you may have.

With our team of kitchen improvement experts, we can provide the full set of services included in revitalizing a kitchen’s storage hardware, including repainting, refacing, door replacement, upgrades, preservation, and personalized design. Just tell us your preferences, budget, and schedule, and we can do our top-notch Louisville kitchen cabinet refinishing services accordingly.

We also offer other kitchen improvement services, including refinishing other parts of the room to match your newly repainted cabinets and replacing your backsplashes, countertops, islands, and pantries with new and improved units. You can ask all your questions and voice out your concerns to us, and we will provide you with expert and honest advice as well as the best solutions you can use for your goals.

If you’re looking for an established, skillful, and trusted Louisville, KY kitchen cabinet refinishing company that you can trust, Louisville Cabinet Restoration is here for you. We are fully equipped with all the expertise and resources needed to provide fast and efficient services to our clients. We use only the highest quality of materials and equipment to guarantee the perfect solutions for your kitchen.

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Painting, Refacing, or Replacement?

One of the best things you can look forward to in improving your kitchen structures is your choices regarding each part.

attractive kitchen cabinets with nook

There are many projects you can take when it comes to improving your kitchen, such as replacing your cabinet units, remodeling the layout of furniture and amenities, or doing an entire design change, perhaps something more modern. All these are great solutions that are perfect for specific problems. But no one solution is built for all types of kitchen improvement needs.

At Louisville Cabinet Restoration , we analyze your needs properly so we can decide the best solutions for your needs. We don’t waste time, money, effort, and resources in making grand renovations that are not necessary to improve cabinet units. Trust Louisville Cabinet Restoration in making the best decisions on what you can do to your kitchen cabinets. We won’t just sell expensive high-quality products to you unless they are the best solutions for your needs.

Cabinet Refacing

If your cabinets have maintained their structural integrity for years or if you’re satisfied with the arrangement of the amenities in your kitchen, then you can opt to have less complex construction services such as cabinet refacing.

kitchen redooring

Kitchen cabinet refacing involves replacing either the cabinet doors or the front surface layer with new wood, plastic, or veneer sheet. So instead of replacing the whole cabinet unit, you can have the same revitalizing effect for way fewer costs. It may also involve replacing or upgrading the cabinets’ hardware accessories, such as the handles, hinges, and knobs.

Aside from saving a lot of your budget by replacing only the worn-out parts of your cabinets, cabinet refacing also allows you to have a minor controlled transformation of your cabinet’s look to match the entire kitchen.

Enjoy a more coherent and amazing looking kitchen with Louisville Cabinet Restoration ’s cabinet refacing services. We only use the best products to ensure that the replacement materials will last and are definitely worth the extra costs.

Cabinet Painting

From the cheapness of kitchen cabinet refacing comes cabinet painting. This is an even more affordable project that you can avail of for your kitchen cabinets’ improvement.

painted kitchen cabinets and feature islandWith Louisville Cabinet Restoration , rest assured that your cabinet repainting session would be worth the costs, which are not that high. We know how cabinets, and how they look and work for you, are vital in a comfortable daily life. So we make sure that even the most minor repainting jobs that we conduct are of the highest quality. With the best industry-grade paint and finishing materials on our hands, coupled with our stellar workmanship, we guarantee the quality of your newly repainted cabinets.

If you need an expert’s opinion on your cabinet repainting, we are more than happy to share our recommendations and previous examples so you can have a better chance of deciding for your cabinets. Get the best Louisville kitchen cabinet refinishing services from Louisville Cabinet Restoration today.

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At Louisville Cabinet Restoration , we hold our craft high. We ensure that each client we serve receives the best products, the latest technology, and the highest quality of workmanship that the industry can offer. So when it comes to your Louisville kitchen cabinet refinishing needs, you know whom to call.

Louisville Cabinet Restoration is the one Louisville, KY kitchen cabinet refinishing company you can trust. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of cabinet construction products and services to our clients, no matter what their needs are.

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